Conditions for Entry 2019
  1. Pigeons to be rung with officially recognized rings. If these are not available, contact the organizers.
  2. Team: 1 active enterred + 4 reserve pigeons.
  3. Entered is defined as a pigeon that the entry fee of EURO € 200,00 has been paid.
  4. Only entered pigeons compete for any money in dispute.
  5. After training 5 you can activate your pigeons for EURO € 200,00 each.
  6. There is no responsibility of the Race, Organizers or Coordinators about pigeons loses. The moneys or pigeons of entrances no will be refunded. Pigeons sent to the race become the property of the organization.
  7. By sending pigeons to this race you are accepting this rules.
  8. Delivery of the youngsters – min. 30 days old.